Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We've Got Hose!

We planted our garden more than a year ago and today we finally have a hose to water it with.

Up until now, we've been filling watering cans in the big stainless steel sink in our lunchroom. That's a lot of watering cans to fill, and during the summer, we need to water almost ever day.

A few weeks ago, Mama Willie, our school accountant, found a plumber to fix an outdoor spigot on the wall just outside the garden. Then, thanks to a grant from our local Neighborhood Advisory Commission 1B, we ordered a professional quality aluminum reel and 100 feet of high quality, 8-ply garden hose.

Today we picked up our reel and hose from the hardware store. Some assembly was required. But as you can see from the photo above, already Baba Oron is taking advantage of the hose and the watering wand to give our thirsty plants a big, long drink. And we don't have to run inside to the lunchroom any more for water.
We have some new additions to the garden: an apple tree that is leafing nicely, two clematis vines and a bignonia vine. We are hoping the vines will cover much of the chain link fence that surrounds our garden. We also have two yellow jasmin vines that are beginning to fill out.

Sadly, the dwarf peach tree we purchased has not broken dormancy and looks as though it did not survived its purchase from Miller's Nursery in New York State. We will have to order a new one.