Monday, January 29, 2007


We like roses because they are beautiful. In our garden we grow five different kinds of roses. We have red roses. We have pink roses. We also have white roses. Our roses are planted in wooden boxes that our parents built with lumber from Home Depot. We helped fill the boxes with soil and compost that came here in a big dump truck. We shoveled the soil into buckets and carried the buckets to the garden in a wagon.

Our roses usually bloom in spring and summer. Some of us have birthdays in spring. That means that sometimes we can watch them bloom, then pick them and put them in vases. Some of the roses grow tall. Some of the roses grow small. Some grow thick. Some grow thin. One of our roses grows like a vine. We're teaching it to climb up the side of our building. The rose can go in our hair or on hats. You can pick the petals and put them on your shirt or you can just put the petals in a bowl because they smell like perfume.

You can also put rose petals in your bathtub because they smell so good. and you can light a candle. But you need to close the door before the air blows the candle out. My mom used to do that with me a lot when I was four.

By the After 4 Crew (Nia, Princess, Leila, Chrestina, Aiyana)

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