Friday, February 2, 2007

Making Carrot Salad

One of the things we grow in our garden is carrots. The carrots grow in a big wooden box filled with soil. Carrots grow under the ground. What you see when you walk past the carrots is the stems with leaves. They are long, skinny branches with green lacy clothes.

Last month we pulled the carrots out of the soil. They looked like dirty orange ice cream cones. Some of them were yellow. Some were bigger than others. Some were really tiny. They looked like sunflower seeds. We put the carrots in a metal container and carried them into the cafeteria.

In the cafeteria there is a big metal sink. That's where we washed the dirt off the carrots and separated the big carrots from the little carrots. We had fun washing the carrots. In fact, so many kids wanted to wash the carrots we had to take turns. We had so many carrots our containers were full.

The next thing we did was cut the bushy stems off the carrots. We used the green part to pull the carrots out of the garden. But you don't eat the green part. We put the green part in the composting bin so we can make soil out of it. The next thing we had to do was peel the carrots. The reason you peel carrots is because not many people like to eat the carrot skin. The skin can have dirt or germs on it. Or you may not like the flavor or texture. We didn't have enough peelers for all the kids, so we had to share. We all took turns. First one person used the peeler, then in five minutes we switched. We saved the peels and put them in the bompost bin, too.

What we wanted to do with the carrots was make carrot salad and before we could make it we had to do two importnat things. The first thing we had to do was grate the carrots. The second thing was making dressing for the salad. After we grated the carrots we made a dressing out of mayonaise, mustard and curry powerder. We added some sunflower seeds and raisins and we put it all in a bowl and stirred it up. Then we ate it, and some of the other classes did, too. It was delicious. And with the carrots we had left over we made carrot juice with a juicer that Mama Jenny brought to school.

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