Monday, March 19, 2007

Doctor, I Think It's Alive!

Tomorrow is the day of the Spring equinnox, otherwise known as the First Day of Spring, so we took the After 4 Gang outside to see if they could find anything showing signs of life. I prompted them with a few questions, then wrote down their answers and snapped a few photos. See if you can identify the plants we are talking about.

This has a bright yellow flower and green leaves. It's standing up and it's not falling down.

Can you name this plant?

If you said daffodil, you are CORRECT!

This tree looks dead. Why?

Because it doesn't have any leaves.

Then what are these little things all over the branches.

They look like buds.

And what color are they?


Can you guess what kind of tree this is?

If you said Red Bud tree, you are CORRECT! (The Red Bud tree is one of the first to bloom in the spring. Did you know the flowers are edible? Put them in a salad...)

Now, look at this bush. Is it alive or dead.
It looks dead.

Then what are these things growing on the branches?

Those are little leaves. It's alive because it's making leaves. But what are these round things?

Those round things are hips, left over from last year. Do you know what plant this is?
If you said a rose plant, you are CORRECT!
And what are these other things in the rose planter. Are they alive?

Yes, they are healthy, because they are rising up. That's how you can tell they are alive.

Do you know what this plant is? If you said tulip, you are CORRECT!

We also have mint and salad burnett that survived the winter and are green, green, green. Also thyme and chamomille. And the climbing hydrangea is starting to spread and form buds. In our garden, there are signs of life everywhere.

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